This is a picture of one of the entry gates to the temple of tooth relic (where tooth of Buddha is kept) in Kendy, Sri Lanka. What I found particularly interesting was the resemblance of the two guards (at the top of the picture, on both sides of the aperture) to the Hindu god, Hanuman. It seems to be one of the typical poses on Hanuman carrying a mountain on one of his palms.

I don’t know who those guards are but I was amazed to see the similarities between the two cultures.


3 thoughts on “hanumaan?

  1. Buddhism was a reform movement of Hinduism (like the Bhakti movement if you remember 8th std history!). Interestingly, Hinduism believes that Buddha was one of the 10 avtaar (dashavtaar) of Vishnu (the others being Krishna, Ram, Prahlad…to name a few). Also, the various forms of Devi (like Lakshmi, Saraswati) have corresponding ‘Taras’ in Buddhism depicting goddesses of knowledge, wealth etc. Isn’t it interesting? Definitley worth finding more about! The Hanuman observation is relly interesting 🙂

  2. its really interesting, the similarities between the two religions. what’s more interesting is your awareness of all this.
    Mind you Prahlad was not an avtaar, Narsingh who saved Prahlad and killed his father Hirankashyapu.

  3. yes it was Narsingh of course! sorry for my mistake. understanding the overlapping areas between the two religions is also in my things to do list 🙂

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