sons of a bitch

Every year like a band of dwarfs suddenly arrives a band of ‘sons of a bitch’ in front of our house. Mrs. Mehta is very found of these (pups or kids for her). Mind you she is only found of the pups. Well so is Mr. Mehta. It is amazing to see how their love subsides and anger grows with the growth of the ‘sons of a bitch’. Last year we saw half a dozen. This year a triplet. A prominent change from last year is evident. This time they are ‘not orphans’. Mom’s standing by them. I hope this makes a difference and they don’t disappear one by one (as per the tradition).

Till then its great to see them enjoying with Mum.

This morning I found them engrossed in breakfast. A sip of milk for each one. Couldn’t miss the opportunity, could I.

As the mum found me clicking, she became conscious (may be shy) and left the spot.

She sat down and hid her ‘assets’.

Poor ‘sons of a bitch’. A breakfast gone bad.


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