view of a lifetime @ 9000 mts

An year ago, on an afternoon flight from Delhi to Patna, it was a clear and sunny day without clouds. As the plane rose up and stabilized high in the air,I looked outside the window. what I saw there was unbelievable, amazing, awesome.

I couldn’t wait to get down from the plane and call someone to confirm what I saw. I asked my family doctor (my father) how far can a naked human eye see. There was no clear answer to that but i guess when the air is thin and clear, we can see as far as about a thousand Kms.

If we move from Delhi to north, there are no snow clad mountains before Himalayas. So, what I saw that day was non other than the tallest and the youngest mountain range of the world. Well, not many people believed it but I was so sure. Throughout the whole journey I could see the complete range that runs parallel to my journey path.

An year later, I again got a chance of day journey (generally I go to Patna early morning and come back late evening) and this time I have been able to get some documented proof (although the weather was not that conducive).

Here are some of my clicks at an height of 8000 to 9000 meters. Will try to get more next time. Enjoy the majestic mountains.


3 thoughts on “view of a lifetime @ 9000 mts

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