village market: veggies

This picture is the last in the current series ‘village market’. With this I would like to say some things about the ‘village market’.

Village market or ‘haat’ or ‘bazaar’ (as it is called in these areas) is an essential component of the rural life line. I generally comes together once a week (a tradition in many parts of Delhi too). The part of Delhi that I earlier lived in had a Friday market (shukra bazaar). This weekly village market brings together all the items that you many find in any big city mall. From cloths to tooth brush to food items, its all there.

The weekly gathering is not only a place to shop for essentials but also a gathering where people from all the villages around meet and greet each other. Children can have fun and fast food of various kind.

Really to sum it all together, a village market is the shopping mall of the village which apparates once a week and then disapparates.


2 thoughts on “village market: veggies

  1. I loved the village series 🙂 Where are all the pictures taken? In my part of Delhi we have Sunday bazaar…i’ve been going there since I was a kid. You get everything from soapdishes to cheap socks. Its great!

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