The Great Indian Entertainment Show

Location: Teghra, Begusarai, Bihar

Rural India, a place where people don’t have many means of entertainment. There are no game parks, no movie theaters, no television or other venues. Basic entertainment avenues may be either some games, a swim in the river etc. That too doesn’t include women. For them its just chatting with their mates.

But here comes festive occasions, when with prayers and worshiping there is also the “Great Indian Entertainment Show”. These are the occasions when people come out of their homes in large numbers, walk 10s of miles to visit these venues of these fairs. These places offer all kinds of stuff which we will see in the further pictures.

The crowd, day and night

Decorations for the occasion

It is important to point out here that these areas reel under severe power shortage but during such occasions special provisions are made by installing diesel generator sets(lot of pollution).

God’s own place

Kid catcher

The giant wheel

Snack all you can

Samosa and Jalebi(a sweet)

Sale of pet animals and birds (some illegal too)

Now, these fairs are an important occasion for purchase of all kinds of items for year round use. Mostly toys and decorative stuff but also utilities and provisions.

Toys (everything for Rs6)

Decoration for home (optical fibers, crystal bowls)

for women

Its not complete if there’s no ice cream

Some shooting practice

And the great entry and exit gate


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