Inovatoion Station

Location: a far flung block headquarter, Bhojpur, Bihar

This place reals under an unimaginable power crisis (about 2-3 hours of availability per day). But work needs to be carried out outside this government office where people come to get their birth certificates, land papers etc. So, the most important piece of equipment at this place is a photocopier.

The problem: How to power the photocopier?

Solution: A photocopier with a small energy need (its a HP printer, scaner, photocopier being used only as a photocopier). Add to this a small battery (charged whenever power is available) and to make things easy and efficient add a small inverter to all this. Here you go. Your local photocopier is ready to work and bring some good money to the family of the little kid (about 12 yrs old).

There was a stationary shop besides this inovation station owned by the kid’s uncle. The guy offered me a business opportunity. If i bring in a laptop we could earn about INR 15ooo per month with all the printing that is needed here. Laptop being crucial because of the lack of power here.

Behold the inovators who find there way in all adversities.


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