Location: Anjuna beach, Goa, India

I found this beautiful crab on Anjuna beach in goa. While all the other crabs would run away has humans approached, this brave guy stood his ground. Interesting! Three days later, we came back at the same place and the guy was still standing his ground. My dad said,”he is dead”. and i disagreed saying that he is just brave. So, my dad touched him. And guess what, he just disintigrated.

Just one touch and my brave guy was now my dad’s dead guy. Dead or alive, you never know.


2 thoughts on “DOA

  1. Dead, if you accept things as they are. Dead, if you do not have the courage to voice your opinion, or think they are not valuable, or worse, do not care. Dead, if you can not stand for what you think is right. Dead, if you are the “You cant change the world” type. Dead, if you can enjoy your meal while your neighbour suffers. Dead, if you can have a sound sleep when someone somewhere has no roof above. Dead, if you just write, speak or feel and do not do anything. Dead, if you think I’m being too emotional or am over reacting!

    No offence meant to anyone, nor to the poor crab!

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