of nathulals, mustaches and clean shaves ……

a barbarous effort

Reminds me of my village and my childhood, when we used to have a hair cut from the local barber (naaua) as he is called there.

He was synonymos to our crying, me saying that he will cut my ears, plane haircuts, no money charged(he would get food from the household) and having a laugh seeing other kids crying wile getting the cut.

After growing up a little (coming to the little town), it was a chair and a glass in front and a good enough haircut. this was a time of paying Rs. 8 for the hair cut.

and now picture has become of an AC room and lots of lotions and creams. thats a time of Rs. 50 (striving to find Rs 20 barbar) haircut.

One other thing that changed after the first phase (was that of my good old village) visits to barbar also started symbolising Sundays.

But most of all this man here reminds me of ‘moochen hon to nathulal jee jaisi, warna na hon


2 thoughts on “of nathulals, mustaches and clean shaves ……

  1. @taha

    thanks for the appriciation. aapki baat bahut sahi hai. fashon ka zamaana hai. aaj kal to french cuts and goties.

    no nathulaals and muchen. woh zamaana hi kuch aur tha

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