Smiling angel

Priceless smile

The picture was taken at a road side stall. The child was a waiter there.
Only the sight of the camera towards him brought a smile on his face. A question came to my mind. Was this event enough for a smile which was so deep, so real, so refreshing?
I thought and thought. And then, I realised; its the pursuit of happiness. We all are running our lives in the pursuit of happiness and this pursuit has made the life so complex that we forget to find happiness in small thing. Blindly looking of the larger goals of life we forget to give smaller things importance. Running in the pursuit of happiness we forget that it is something that cannot be achieved and the persuit will always continue.
His life is not so complex. He has learned to find happiness in small things.


2 thoughts on “Smiling angel

  1. in fact the pursuit is what gives happiness…happiness doesnt exist in any other forms….we all live while in the quest to live…and we do not realize that.

    thank God, small things still make me very happy…yakeen nahi to photo keench ke dekh lena. 😉

  2. Look at his eyes filled with dreams yet satisfied with what he has in present….thats the reason why small things bring a warm smile on his face…..See small things matter in life ..everyone wants to become big but in this race of being big we miss out on small things…I cherish small things in life because this small will accumulate one day and become big….

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